A few words about us…

The Hájek & Boušová Company was officially founded in 1992, but in fact our Ovocný Světozor (meaning Fruit Delicatessen) shops have a proud tradition that reaches back to early 1970’s.

Our main activity is the running of our Ovocný Světozor chain of shops in the Czech capital, Prague, and its surrounding areas. Our utmost priority is customer satisfaction, therefore we are open 7 days a week (with very few exceptions throughout the year).  More than 200 of our current employees are continually undergoing special customer care training in order to learn how best to cater for our customers‘ needs and wishes. We are very proud to provide the best possible service in the industry.

The Ovocný Světozor name developed as a result of the production of various fruit delicacies, the most famous of which is our banana and strawberry „Soft Serve“ ice-cream. We are also renowed for our sundaes and agar fruit cakes. We do of course offer a wide variety of both whipped cream and curd cakes, mini desserts, pancakes and waffles. All our cake, flan, and mini dessert bases are freshly made exclusively in our own bakery. In addition to our wide range of sweets, we also provide a large selection of savoury items, such as open sandwiches, and filled rolls of wholegrain and white bread.

We use only the finest ingredients from approved suppliers in accordance to the strict hygiene and food production practices recommended by the HACCP preventive approach, to guarantee the excellent quality and safety of our products.

There’s no shortage of both hot and cold beverages at our shop either, with coffee, teas, grog, hot chocolate, milk shakes, sorbets, fresh fruit juices, and Coca-Cola brand soft drinks all on the menu.

Last but certainly not least is our large variety of frozen ice creams, produced exclusively by us, and, like our cakes, available only in our shops and carefully selected restaurants, hotels, coffee shops and sweet shops.

Visit Ovocný Světozor today. We’ll do everything we can to ensure you’ll want to come back!