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FIT Breakfast Box – for two

FIT breakfast box contains the following products:
2x fresh orange juice 0.2 l
2x yogurt with raspberries and muesli
2x rye bread (1x with beetroot spread, 1x with carrot-celery spread)
2x pumpkin pie
2x spring salad
2x cutlery, straw
This breakfast box is perfect to enjoy at home, on a trip or a visit. Do you want to make someone's day or just save some time with a ready-made morning feast? Just open and enjoy – all products are neatly packed in a box.
The fine tuned combination of goodies in our breakfast boxes cannot be altered or mixed with other products. If you fancy anything more, just order separately.

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Nebyl vybrán žádný obrázek
Nebyl vybrán žádný obrázek
Nebyl vybrán žádný obrázek
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