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Cakes will be made, even if bombs fall

Ovocný Světozor belongs to a phenomenon of Prague for 40 years.

The busy passage of Prague’s Vodickova street had its sweet dominating presence for almost 40 years. The spiritual father of the company Jiří Hájek, has, the same as the Viennese hotel Sacher, with its famous cake, imbedded its mark into the memories of generations of Praguers and tourists from all over the world with its banana-strawberry ice cream. Čtěte více

Ice cream men

I would never believe that I would personally meet a person, who invigorated our socialistic childhood and youth with ice cream of a then capitalistic type – fruity banana. On top of that he does not give interviews. Despite that, I happen to be sitting in a coffee shop with an energetic, sporty looking man, Jiří Hájek, his sister Jitka and daughter Alena, the representatives of a family business, and with awe I am listening to their family story. Not missing is from that story are coincidences, the will to excel, and like a red string that trails them is their family motto – if a client wants something, let’s give it to them. Čtěte více

The secretive Mr. Hájek and other factories for sweets

Czech love sweets, no doubt, especially during Christmas time. A good sweet shop is however a science and unless you yourself bake, finding a good sweet shop can be a problem. It is necessary to separate the good from the bad. Let’s take a look at how that’s done. Čtěte více