Sundaes Banán Split Horké jahody Miláno K2

Sundaes for immediate consumption are prepared before the customer’s own eyes. On offer are more than 30 types with fantastic ice cream of our own production and real whipped cream. Prices range from 95,- CZK to 99,- CZK.

Ice cream scoops can be different flavors or on draught. Some shops offer also offer draught yogurt ice cream. The fruit we use is compote (pineapple, peach, tangerine, apricot), frozen (strawberry, raspberry, forest fruit), and fresh (kiwi, banana, and others depending on the seasonal offer).

Variations include smaller sundaes in wafers from 65,-CZK and 79,- CZK.

Also available is fruit with whipped cream and for 46,- CZK, and with liquor for 57,- CZK.

Other possibilities include sundaes to order with personalized ingredients, 100 g for 48,- CZK.


Prices include VAT.