Mini desserts

Mini desserts Minidezerty
Mini desserts

Mini desserts must be ordered at a minimum of 8 pieces each.

For orders please contact individual shops by phone at least 2 days in advance.


Mini desserts Basic types
Fruit small basket 28,- CZK
wreath 25,- CZK
windmill 25,- CZK


Mini desserts Other types
fruit 33,- CZK
cherry whipped cream 33,- CZK
cookies 36,- CZK
dolce latte 36,- CZK
stracciatella 33,- CZK
almond 36,- CZK
cream forest fruits 36,- CZK
caramel royal 36,- CZK
royal 36,- CZK
cheesecake 36,- CZK
praga 36,- CZK
grilias 36,- CZK
Philadelphia 36,- CZK
blueberry curd 36,- CZK
strawberry curd 36,- CZK
forest fruit curd 36,- CZK
raspberry curd 36,- CZK



Prices include VAT.

Consume mini desserts on the day of purchase, store in temperatures between 6° to 8°C.