Ice Creams

Ice Creams Zmzlina luxusní Super Pistaciová Točená zmrzlina Zmrzlina - ilustrační foto Kopečková zmrzlina v oplatce Kopečková zmrzlina citron
Ice Creams


Ice cream production

We specialize in the production of quality milk based and fruit based ice creams.
All production and sale is controlled by a corporate controller and the hygiene office of Prague.

(regular microbiological analysis of products)



Ice Creams

Fruit Ice cream from the tap 30,- Kč &nbsp(made from strawberries and bananas)
Ice cream scoops:    
Scoop 25,- Kč  
Super fruity scoop 25,- Kč &nbsp(contains 77 % fruit, without added sugar)
Scoop of extra dark chocolate 25,- Kč  
Scoop of super pistachio 25,- Kč  
Super nutty scoop, slightly salted 25,- Kč  


Packaged ice cream is only available in our shops.


Packaging 1000 ml
Price: 150,- Kč
Available flavors: lemon, chocolate, strawberry, peanut, pistachio, stracciatella, vanilla.



Packaging 500 ml
Price: 100,- Kč
Available flavours: banana from draught, lemon, chocolate, strawberry from draught, yogurt, caramel sundae, peanut, pistachio, stracciatella, vanilla.

Balení 500 ml
Price: 150,- Kč
Super: blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, ice cream containing 77% fruit, without added sugar.

Super pistachio
Extra dark chocolate


Balení 450 ml
Price: 100,- Kč
Caramel sundae – milk ice cream with vanilla aroma and caramel topping, sprinkled with roasted hazelnuts.


Prices include VAT.



For retailers

We offer more than 30 types of ice cream in packages of 5 liters for restaurants, hotels and other gastronomical facilities.
In case of interest, call 774 444 697.