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Chateau les Fontenelles Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot 0,75 l

Year 2016.

Chateau les Fontenelles Bergerac is currently owned by the Bourdil family.

The vineyards of this winery are spread over 25 hectares in the picturesque region of Perigord. Most have a southern and southeastern inclination that makes the grapes reach a good ripening state.

Red wines are produced on the basis of Merlot in the form of 60% and the rest are Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. The Fut de Chene version is matured on oak barrels, thus achieving a better maturation and acidification of the wine during the actual lying in the cellar. The wine is ruby in colour with violet highlights.

The aroma is delicate, reminiscent of black and red forest berry fruit with a delicate touch of vanilla and smoke.

The flavour is dry with a subtext of blackberries and blackcurrants. The aftertaste, meanwhile, is harsh thanks to the still young tannins, which will become rounded over time.

decantation If this wine is consumed, we recommend an hourly decantation.

archiving The wine is encouraged to be archived for 5-8 years.

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